"I was able to pull more G's in turns and stop in much shorter distances. I'd even go as far as to say that these tires prevented a few potential accidents due to the extreme grip that the OEM's did not have. The water traction is like nothing I've ever felt in any other tire I’ve owned. It feels like a suction cup effect where you have dry-like traction and handling even trough standing water at above highway speeds. I was always confident with my NT05's in the rain! These tires exceeded my every expectation by immeasurable amounts."

​                          Jeep SRT8 customer

Clean Ridez utilizes as many as six different vendors to ensure that we not only offer the tire that you want, but that we give you the most competitive price. Our price also comes with a no hassle guarantee. This means that the price we give is the price at the end. No hidden taxes, and no stem charges or disposal fees. Just a low price, mounted and balanced.

​Come experience the Clean Ridez difference.